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Ezekiel Almanza
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Ezekiel Almanza Found HEO on the SXSW 2015 artist lineup and decided to check them out. So glad I did because their music is amazing! Hope to see them at SXSW next year! Favorite track: Luna.
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HEO is a dream-pop / post-rock / electronica band from South Korea. HEO released 2nd album 'Structure'.


released February 6, 2014

Additional Vocal : Kim Bo-Yeong
Mix & Master : K



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HEO Republic of Korea

HEO is a dream-pop / post-rock / electronica duo based in Seoul. HEO’s intricate layers of electronic sounds mixed with grungy guitars and hypnotic vocals create smoky and ominous blend of multiple genres.
HEO won 2015 Korean Music Award for the Best Dance / Electronic album of the Year. HEO were also invited to international festivals such as SXSW, CMJ.
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Track Name: Luna
Now I feel your guard despite the cold days have come.
Shedding black lights on, anyone you love, I love.

Deep inside of you, the crack of dawn tied up for a while.
Waiting for the true final moment, but I know.
It might not be the right time.

(I) feel your special (light.)

Now I feel your vibe when I shine a warm light to your calm heart.
When the sun goes down, anyone you love, I love.

Deep inside of me, the crack of dawn tied up for a while.
Waiting for the true final moment, but you know.
It might not be the right time.

(I) feel your special light.
Anyone you love, I love.

Every night I wish a second chance can't be realized. 
We are still far away. 
Track Name: Word of Silence
The fire into your eyes.
The picture like the sun, we are staying on time.

All you have is still shiny.
Oh, look into yourself.
You’re the one I need.

Say a word of silence.
Like the air around, hold me tight not to stray.

You're heading into the blue,
Oh, to disappear or die.
You're the one I miss.
Track Name: Good Day
Tonight, tonight, the last night we share.
Don't hide your feeling.

We are, we are all facing the last time.
Keep your eyes on.

We have spent all the good days never come back.
Track Name: Reckless
I recklessly wasted emotion.
I'm shedding dry tears not to grieve.
Is this the concluding time we face?
(I’d better) get into the swing of silence.

A tongue we shot back with each other,
come back with a distorted echo.
Like the ringing in my ears,
your voice wander around my dream.

I just go around in circles,
catching the moonlight one night.
Before I wake up next morning,
will every wishes be an illusion?

Oh, you don't wanna see me again.
Oh, but I'm still standing by your side.
Track Name: All the things are passing by
Life ain't easy for every good failures.
Like a shadow, it might come closer 
and take everything away.

An outburst of rage, 
a frustration in the end, though.
What am I getting at?
Just leave it as it is. 

All the things are passing by.

Let's see that we will all fade away. 
Yes I'm a sneerer.
Just leave'em alone.

All the things are passing by.
Track Name: Ride the Wave
The wind is precarious.
There’s nowhere to hide.
Oh I see, it’s the last wave for me.
I would be foolhardy rather than die.

I’ll ride the wave.

The water is cold.
It made my skin crawl 
to dive into the sea of black.
Please don’t mind, the mine is not mine.  

I’ll ride the wave.

I know it’s the time I wanted to go back to.
I know it’s the time I wanted to seek some kind of change.

(I’m) hearing a roar.

My heart is beating.
If I am born free?
I take a deep breath in my psyche,
by heading for the sun again.

I’ll ride the wave.
Track Name: Hard to Keep
At the first night we met, it looked like you have autism.
We said nothing to each other for a long time.

Now we know the atmosphere around us is still cold and sick.

It’s hard, It’s so hard to stand alone. 
Look around you.
Nobody holds out their hands to you. 

I'm planning to sleep forever.
When I fall asleep, make your own way.
Supposing I wake up, Supposing I see you.

Don't let me hear about it.

Who you are. 
Who we are.

Mama, I'm gonna lose myself ever.
Here is nothing but only queasiness.
Some of friends say I'm seized with my rage.
Throw a black patch of shadow above me. 
Where have you gone?
Was it so hard to keep?
Where have you gone with our last dirts that overwhelmed you?

Where do you roam?
Is it so hard to breathe?
Where do you roam with a trace of anxiety for me and you?